Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast

Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast.

For long years I’ve been a car enthusiast. Although I’m not a very mechanically-inclined person, I love to know more about how a car works.

I also like to use a car and keep it as mint as possible. I love seeing a not so modern car – or even old – but that looks as if it’s new.

In terms of mechanics, I have a similar drive. I like to see a car that’s well taken care of. Yes, it sometimes can be costly but many times it will help you save money in the long run.

When I got my first car I loved doing all sorts of car stuff. Car detail was one of them but I loved to drive and go on road trips.

My car was not the most economical and gasoline was expensive. To make matters worse, my driving would burn a lot of fuel. In the beginning, I used to warm up the engine before I drove off and after the engine was up to temperature I would rev it too much. Consumptions were over the roof.

Since I didn’t have a full-time job, funds were limited to fuel my hobby. Pun intended!

I figured that if I could drive in a more economical way I could drive longer for the same money.

Long story short, I changed my driving attitude. I now drive in a more relaxed way and I spend a lot less fuel than before.

I notice that many people around me spend a lot more fuel than they need to. You were thought how to drive to respect the applicable legislation but you weren’t though how to drive efficiently.

A few of my friends improved their ecodriving skills in the last few years and they are amazed now at how much fuel they used to spend back in the day.

Don’t be put off by terms like ecodriving or hypermiling. You don’t need to become an expert or do supernatural efforts to cut back on your fuel spending.

I remember my experience trying to saving fuel. In the beginning I didn’t had a clue if it was working or not, if what I was doing was helping or making it worse. Several months went by and sometimes clarity wasn’t much.

More than explaining why you’ll save fuel, in this site I will tell you how to do it. If you do an honest try to implement these changes on your driving for the same time you will see the results. And after they become a habit, ecodriving will be part of your normal driving. Even if you’re a car enthusiast and you enjoy the sound of an engine revving every once in a while.

Thank you for your visit.

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