V2 Supercharging Session on a Tesla Model 3 Long Range 82 kWh

Have you ever wondered how long you need to be in a Tesla Supercharger? And what about the 10 to 80% Tesla charging speed? It’s said to be fast, right?

These and other questions cause a lot of doubts in many people. Let’s help them get those doubts away with this Model 3 SuperCharger visit.

I decided to record a Supercharging session on my Tesla Model 3 Long Range 82 kWh.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla? That’s a question I get frequently. And the answer is less than many people expect.

The car was charged at a Tesla Supercharger network site, in Fátima (Portugal). It’s a V2 Supercharger that provides 150kW.

In this video, you can watch the fast progress between 7% and 50% and also see how long it took to get to 80% and then 90%. I was on the road and was low on battery and that was a great opportunity.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to show a 10% to 80% charging speed test so you can know how long it takes to charge a Tesla on a Supercharger, and here it is.

Please watch it fully so you can understand how charging speed varies during a Supercharging session.

Electric car batteries cannot take maximum charging speed (kW) throughout the whole charging session and that becomes clear during the video.

That’s something important to understand so you can optimize your fast charging sessions.

Thank you for watching