Tesla Santa Mode (Easter Egg – Tesla Holiday Update 2021)

In this video, you can see a demonstration of Tesla’s Santa Mode. It’s a new feature or Easter egg contained in the Tesla Holiday Update 2021.

This is far from a new feature but it has been updated. Now you can opt for external audio (“spread cheer”), assuming your Tesla has the Boombox feature. The Boombox feature has an external speaker which plays sound to the surroundings of the car.

Even without the Boombox, the Santa Mode will get you to experience the Xmas vibe.

To start off, you’ll notice that the Tesla shown on the screen will transform into a red Xmas sleigh.

A Xmas song (Run Rudolph Run) will also start playing and using the blinkers will also produce Xmas sounds.

While driving, vehicles, and pedestrians are usually shown on the screen and will be replaced by reindeer and elves.

Please watch the full video to see how it works.

Music attribution: Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry

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