Tesla Model 3 Roadtrip #1 charging cost | Is it more expensive than gasoline?

About my Tesla road trip charging cost… was it more expensive than gasoline?

My roadtrip to Madrid has been published. If you haven’t seen it, I’m leaving a link in the description here for that playlist.

That said… how much did it cost to charge my electric vehicle during that roadtrip?

Was it more expensive than going on a gasoline or diesel car? 

First things first… how long was that trip? It was almost one thousand kms, it was actually 960 kms (roughly 600 miles).

Now let’s see how much all of the charging sessions cost and then compare them with the costs of gasoline and diesel cars.

Watch the video for more information:



Check out the rest of this road trip, here’s the playlist.

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Sergii Pavkin from Pixabay