Tesla Model 3 Roadtrip #1: Madrid, staying in Salamanca on the wayback

Here’s my first road trip to Madrid in my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. In these videos, you can see how the trip went, how much energy was spent, if there was any range anxiety moment and get a glimpse of the charging sessions.

My roadtrip to Madrid will be published in a few different videos and mentioned here separately for easier understanding.

Let’s start with an introductory video before the trip even begins. This is where I show you how I planned the trip.

Day 0 – Trip and charging planning with the Tesla trip planner

In this video, I give you an overview of the coming road trip to Madrid in my Tesla Model 3 Long Range with the help of Tesla’s trip planner app.

My plan is to rely on Superchargers and the whole trip takes between 440-470 kms.

But I was planning only to use Tesla Superchargers and there’s a 350 kms section gap between the two of them.

Going from A to B in one go wouldn’t be a problem, but with a stay-in-between, things can get a little more complicated.

Will there be moments of Tesla Model 3 range anxiety? Find out soon!


Day 1 – Driving almost 500 kms to Madrid, Spain

In the previous video, I showed you what were my plans regarding charging before going on my roadtrip to Madrid.

Now we get to the real deal. In this video I show you the trip going from Viseu to Madrid on my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range, it was around 470 kms and you get to see my charging stops and the battery percentage numbers.

Remember that there’s a 350 kms gap between Superchargers and weather reports were saying that temperatures would be climbing above 40º.

Will the air conditioning kill off the efficiency and reduce my range? Will I feel range anxiety? Watch the video to find out now.


Day 2 – Charging issues and Madrid sightseeing

In this video, I show you the charging issues I had at the hotel. Good thing I wasn’t counting on it.

The car stayed parked for the day as I was sightseeing in Madrid.


Day 3 – Trip from Madrid to Salamanca

Time to leave Madrid and head on to Salamanca. But before getting to Salamanca, I need to charge. And I’m going to try something new in terms of charging, check it out in the video.


Day 4 – Final stretch, from Salamanca to Viseu

It’s the final stretch from Salamanca to Viseu but not without another charging stop.

The Tesla trip planner says we’ll arrive at the Supercharger in Guarda with less than 10%.



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