Tesla Model 3 delivery day – Sonic was delivered after 5 months

The delivery day of my Tesla Model 3 was on November 24th, 2021.

It’s a 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. The outside color is Deep Blue Metallic, combined with the full-black premium interior.

Although it was planned to be a Fremont unit (Made in the USA) this car is actually a Made in China (MIC) unit, produced in the Shanghai factory.

In the beginning, I mention a few concerns that might exist while taking delivery of a Tesla, one of them specific to that period, the possibility of lacking some USB C ports on delivery. Tesla has informed customers that it would install them later.

I also show you the car just a few hours after the delivery.


00:00:00 Introduction to the delivery day

00:03:28 Panel gaps (:D), quality, and consistency

00:05:18 Tesla’s being delivered without some USB-C ports

00:07:58 Trip from Viseu to Tesla’s Delivery Center in Porto

00:08:43 It’s here, my new Tesla Model 3 (After delivery)

Thank you for watching