Tesla Model 3 average efficiency report – Which conditions result in the highest efficiency?

In reply to a viewer’s question, I decided to share my experience by doing a Tesla Model 3 average efficiency report.

We’ll also look at the most important factors that affect electric vehicles energy consumption and see which of these had a strongest a role in my Model 3’s average efficiency.

Different people with equal cars might get very different efficiency figures. Your personal driving style plays a strong role but so do your routes, traffic, speed and ambient temperature.

And there’s something we can’t deny: range anxiety in electric vehicles is still a thing. Many people are now confident about long trips on EV’s but many people still feel range anxiety in electric cars.

This report is an important tool for Tesla owners and electric car enthusiasts, so be sure to check it out! By understanding the conditions that lead to the highest efficiency, we can all learn more about how Tesla’s and other electric cars work.

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