Sentry Mode Phantom Drain 24h test: how much energy will you lose after a day?

Is the Sentry Mode Phantom Drain a thing? Or just unfounded rumors?

Ever had a Tesla Model 3 battery drain overnight? You move away from your car at night and in the morning you notice that the battery has gone down a bit?

In this video, we’ll check the Tesla Model 3 Phantom Drain per day while using Sentry Mode. For that, I kept the car unused for 24 hours while the Sentry Mode was running.

Tesla states in the owners manual that the car should spend an average of 1% per day on normal conditions – that’s with Sentry Mode disabled.

By the way, as it states there, if you’ve ever heard about the Tesla Model 3 phantom drain winter, that’s because colder weather leads to higher energy consumption.

But that figure goes up quite a bit if you keep Sentry Mode running. That’s because the car is constantly recording on 4 cameras and keeping that video footage on the car’s flash drive, at least temporarily.

If any event triggers the Sentry Mode, that footage will be locked and saved so you can check it later.

For that reason, ponder if you really need using Sentry Mode at places like your home or office. Day after day it adds up how much energy it will be consuming.

Otherwise, worse case scenario, a Tesla model 3 battery drain while parked might happen.

I hope you now understand the effect that Sentry Mode has on this famous Tesla Phantom Drain and how to minimize Tesla Model 3 battery drain while away.

Thank you for watching