Sentry Mode Live Camera Access: how to view Sentry Mode in Tesla app

In this video, I show you the Sentry Mode Live Camera Access new feature. It’s kind of a Sentry Model live view.

The Sentry Mode uses Tesla’s cameras to record events on the exterior of the car.

With the recent Tesla live Sentry Mode update, you now have the possibility of viewing Sentry Mode in the Tesla app. Not only that, but you don’t need an event to start Sentry Mode.

You can watch live footage at any time, whenever you please. The Tesla app Sentry Mode feature turns it into a Sentry Mode live.

For more information, please watch the full video and the playlist I mention in the following paragraph.

Bear in mind that I’ve created a playlist where you can find other of my videos about the Holiday Update and its improvements:

Such improvements are included in Tesla’s V11 Holiday Update (version 2021.44.25.2 ).

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