Podcast ep. 13 – Watch my Roadtrip to Madrid on Youtube

Hello and welcome to the Electric Vehicle Experience.

Today I’m driving, I have to go shopping for some stuff and I’m taking this time to record the episode and this episode will be very short.

I don’t know if you noticed but if you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel you have.

I did a road trip to Madrid so it was it wasn’t 500 kilometers going there but almost and I’m publishing videos showing you how it was in terms of charging experience, how much percentage I got to the places, to the chargers.

In the end, I’ll tell you exactly how much I charged and how much it cost and what else can I tell you so I’ve already published an introduction video so in that video I go about I give you an overview of my plans before I started the trip, I recorded it on the… I think it was on the day before I went or the day before that, I’m not sure.

Do you prefer to listen to this? If yes, click on the link below:

But, yeah, I gave you an overview of what I was planning in terms of charging. And you never really know, because there are factors that sometimes can change significantly.

One of them I can tell you is, you’re gonna see on that video that I was making plans and this was something like 8 in the evening, so it was getting cooler, but the trips I did were it started early in the morning, but it went on until lunchtime and what happens is at lunchtime is a lot hotter than at 8 at night or at the end of the afternoon.

So, the air conditioning is going to work a lot harder and that’s going to reduce your efficiency and reduce your range.

So, I’m going to… the introduction video is already published so you can go and watch it.

And by the time you’re listening to this, day one, the road trip from Viseu to Madrid will probably already be published. I hope to upload it. So, this is going to be a different episode than what happens normally.

I’m going to ask you to go to my YouTube channel and watch the video, that introduction video. I’ll actually give you a link for the playlist, that way you can watch that video.

Hopefully, you’ll have the first-day video there. If not, why don’t you subscribe? You can subscribe and you press the bell icon and you say that you want to get all notifications so every time I release a new episode, sorry a new video on YouTube, you’ll get a notification from the YouTube app and yeah this is a typical not typical episode and that’s what I’m asking you to do today I think what you hear on this channel I think it’s useful if you’re not very familiar with electric cars and want to learn more but seeing the experience of a longer trip will be interesting.

So yeah, that’s my tip for today. Check out the videos here:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this strange and unusual episode and I’ll talk to you soon