How to use Auto without Air Conditioning (Tesla Model 3/Y Climate Control)

In this video, I show you how to use Auto without Air Conditioning on a Tesla Model 3 or Y.

When a car’s climate control doesn’t have the auto function you have to manually choose not only the temperature but also the speed of the fan and from where the air flows into the cabin.

Despite how long it goes on adjusting the temperature, its settings just remain unchanged.

That’s not what happens with the auto function.

The auto function is great because the car will manage it as required so that it will soon provide you with an adequate temperature and maintain it.

The bigger the gap between the current temperature and the desired temperature, the more intense will be its operation in the beginning. But eventually, it will settle down progressively to keep the desired temperature while still maintaining minimal noise.

In all the cars I used the auto function, activating it to turn on the air conditioning.

But what if you want to take advantage of the auto function while still keeping the Tesla Model 3 air conditioning off?

This is a small and easy setup and tutorial video guide showing you just how to do that.

For more information, please watch the full video on how to use the auto functioning without the air conditioning on Tesla Model 3 climate control.

Thank you for watching