How do I use Sentry Mode in a Tesla Model 3 | Sentry Mode Setup / Tutorial

Let’s see a Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode tutorial. In this video, we go through a Tesla Sentry Mode setup and I show you how to use Sentry Mode in a Tesla Model 3.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode is kind of the modern alternative to the classic alarm. It won’t make noise but it will flash the headlights and will save the footage when someone gets too close to the car.

This has even happened to me with other Tesla’s in car parks while I’m walking by.

This is a small and easy setup and tutorial video guide to getting everything working. Although I recommend having Sentry Mode on by default, remember to check if you want to add any exceptions, like when the car is at home.

For more information, please watch the full video setup of the Tesla Sentry Mode.

How to view the Live Sentry Mode in the Tesla app:

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