FULL 2021 Tesla Light Show – Different scenarios and POV’s – Holiday Update V11 (2021,44,25,5)

In this video, you can see 5 clips with a variety of scenarios, points of view, and natural light, which allows you to see all the Light Show effects.

Tesla’s Light Show is included on the December Holiday Update 2021, here shown using my Model 3 Long Range.

This new feature is included in Tesla’s V11 software update (2021.44.25.5 Tesla).

For the full experience, please watch the full video.

5 Light Show Clips for you to choose


00:00:00 Front of the car (and rear near the end)

00:01:39 Rear of the car 00:03:16 Facing vegetation (far)

00:04:56 Facing vegetation (near)

00:06:21 Facing wall (near)

Music attribution: Carol Of The Bells by Jonathan Young

Thank you for watching