Formula for Fuel Consumption of Diesel engine

I got this question some time ago about which is the formula for fuel consumption of diesel engine.

Basically, how to calculate the fuel consumption of a diesel engine.

It’s funny that sometimes you get so into something that you just assume that everyone knows the same things you do. But it’s just a matter of thinking back several years and remembering that I was a bit clueless about fuel economy and mechanics, or even very confused about a few questions.

Let’s get back to our question:

How to calculate the fuel consumption of a Diesel engine?

Maybe you might be surprised but it’s just the same as a petrol or gasoline engine.

Yes, really! The Formula for Fuel Consumption of Diesel engine is just the same you’d use for gasoline vehicles.

For more information on you do it, check out our great article on how to calculate your fuel economy.

The major noticeable difference is actually that diesel is very strong on fuel economy.

If you consider comparable cars with similar displacement or power you’ll find that generally diesels consistently travel long distances or the same fuel.

Or, if you will, they use fewer liters (or gallons) to drive the same courses.

Soon I will publish an article talking about the major differences between gasoline and diesel engines.