Efficiency vs Altitude: the hidden impact for electric vehicles

Recently I went to get coffee with friends in a nearby city and I decided to share some numbers on efficiency and range.

Depending on the route, the trip takes between 90 and 100 kms. You would assume that the energy spent going there and coming back would be similar but it’s not.

The reason for that is the altitude difference between both ends.

That is the case sometimes and can lead to surprises in terms of the range you were expecting. And that might become an EV range anxiety episode that you’d like to avoid.

To learn more about check out what plays out in this video.

Thank you for watching

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:00 AC charging at 4,6kW (20A)
00:03:56 Charging done
00:04:46 About to start the first trip
00:05:38 First trip footage
00:07:32 Checking the efficiency of the first trip
00:08:10 About to start the return trip
00:08:52 Return trip footage
00:11:15 Checking the efficiency of the return trip
00:12:15 Trip altitude variation