Types of Electric Vehicles explained

Electrification has made cars more complex. In the past everything was straighter to the point: in most cases, it was either gasoline or diesel. And that was it. Now it can be diesel or gasoline engines but the probability of having an electric motor is getting higher every month. In some cases, it does have … Read more

Units of Measure: Gasoline vs Electric Vehicles (EV)

Energy units of gasoline and other internal combustion engines are closely related if not identical most of the time. Electric vehicles (EV) brought a new world of units. And I admit, at first it’s confusing. Today’s article is about energy units: gasoline vs electric vehicles. Imagine this… growing up in an era where you couldn’t … Read more

Car Efficiency: Gasoline vs Electric vehicle (EV)

You’ve probably heard more than a dozen times that EVs (electric vehicles) are more efficient than conventional internal combustion cars. But what does that really mean? And are they slightly more efficient or significantly more? I remember a similar debate almost 2 decades ago: the efficiency comparison between gasoline and diesel. Diesel engines were getting … Read more

Tesla Model 3 average efficiency report – Which conditions result in the highest efficiency?

Tesla Model 3 average efficiency

In reply to a viewer’s question, I decided to share my experience by doing a Tesla Model 3 average efficiency report. We’ll also look at the most important factors that affect electric vehicles energy consumption and see which of these had a strongest a role in my Model 3’s average efficiency. Different people with equal … Read more

Differences between Diesel and Gasoline engines

Being a car enthusiast I’ve always wanted to know more about how a car works. Although my market has plenty of engines using each one of these fuels, I notice that many people still have some misconceptions about them. In this article, we will be going over the differences between Diesel and Gasoline engines. Introduction: … Read more

Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast

Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast. For long years I’ve been a car enthusiast. Although I’m not a very mechanically-inclined person, I love to know more about how a car works. I also like to use a car and keep it as mint as possible. I love seeing a not so modern car – or even … Read more