Car Fuel Consumption Calculation

Car Fuel Consumption Calculation

Do your car fuel consumption calculation to improve your fuel economy.

In this video, we see why you need to start tracking your fuel efficiency right now!

If you want to improve your fuel economy you must know where you stand.

Guessing is not enough, calculate your fuel economy, keep a record of your consumption and track your evolution.

For more information please watch the video until the very end.

How To Get Better Gas Mileage

Here are a few tools to help you keep a record of your fuel consumption:

  1. Spritmonitor (Web, Android and iOS):
  2. Fuelio (Android)
  3. Drivvo (Android and iOS)
  4. Fuel Tracker and Gas Mileage log (iOS):

Whatever tool you use is fine.

The important part is what you do with it. Keep a record of your fuel economy on each fill-up to improve results.