Differences between Diesel and Gasoline engines

Being a car enthusiast I’ve always wanted to know more about how a car works. Although my market has plenty of engines using each one of these fuels, I notice that many people still have some misconceptions about them. In this article, we will be going over the differences between Diesel and Gasoline engines. Introduction: … Read more

Formula for Fuel Consumption of Diesel engine

I got this question some time ago about which is the formula for fuel consumption of diesel engine. Basically, how to calculate the fuel consumption of a diesel engine. It’s funny that sometimes you get so into something that you just assume that everyone knows the same things you do. But it’s just a matter … Read more

How Is Fuel Consumption Calculated

Being a blog about fuel economy, it’s expected to have a post on how is fuel consumption calculated. On the other hand, you might be thinking that your goal is to save fuel and not to learn about the whys or calculations. So why would I want to talk about car fuel consumption calculation? To be … Read more

Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast

Welcome to Fuel Economy Fast. For long years I’ve been a car enthusiast. Although I’m not a very mechanically-inclined person, I love to know more about how a car works. I also like to use a car and keep it as mint as possible. I love seeing a not so modern car – or even … Read more